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What I’d like to see from Manchester United this season

David de Gea

What would I like to see from Manchester United this season? Well, this sentence can only go one of two ways (or three if you including hoping Citeh fail), 1. The usual – Win the Premier League, make the final in the Champions League, or 2. The optimistic “Win the lot”.

Win the lot it is then!

Looking at the squad it looks pretty good in all areas apart from a creative midfielder. Most fans were/are hoping that a super star signing was coming to replace Scholes, this is starting to look less likely. This does leave Anderson, Giggs, Cleverley and possibly Young to do the creative bit in the middle. Might be enough for the Premier League (assuming Anderson can do a full season) but doesn’t look like it’ll worry Barca.

So what are the hopes for this season?

1. League win, maybe a Cup and at the very least a Semi/Final in the Champions League (but please god not Barca again), and beating the rich kids from over by there.

2. Evans, Smalling & Jones to develop into the high quality defenders they look like they could be and make Rio redundant for next season. Smalling has started at right back this season – will be interesting to see if this is a long term plan or just due to the Silva injuries.

3. One of Vidic & Ferdinand to be fit at all times to help the above develop.

4. The press obsession with de Gea to go away. Yes we know Bosnich, Taibi & Bartez weren’t a great success (although the latter did get 2 titles and a FA Cup) – but analysing every save, corner and goal because of the other three is boring – move on.

5. Rooney to become the playmaker general. Not to try and do everything, but be the guy that makes it all tick. Let the young lads do the charging around whilst he makes and finds the space and takes defences apart. I’m not concerned about the goals he scores – it needs to be about what he makes the team do. That said 15-ish goals would be nice just to keep the new hairdo happy.

6. Giggs to get more games than injunctions.

7. Medical science to find out what’s wrong with Fletcher and make him better quickly, we need him for the big games.

8. Nani to get more direct. It was the making of Ronaldo when he cut down (not cut out) the silly step overs and diving and focused on getting at the goal. Time for Luis to step up. Maybe pressure from Young and Valencia and not starting in the Champions League Final can focus his mind.

9. Everton to have a decent season – we need to keep Moyes in his job for another season or two before Sir Alex Ferguson steps down.

10. (This just happened as I was writing): Sir Alex Ferguson to talk to the BBC  – just so we don’t have to listen to Big Ears tell us why he’s not.


Predicted League Position: 1st (that would make it 20)

Top Scorer: Chichor.. Chicharh.. Chickorito.. Hernandez (18 league goals)


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