About Critical Football

Critical Football aims to provide intelligent comment on British football and the British football media.

It was created by a group of friends who had become increasingly frustrated with the coverage of their teams in the mainstream British football media.

In an era when football fans have a more intimate knowledge of what goes on at their club than ever before, we felt that too many football writers and broadcasters were getting away with generalising rather than analysing; offering definitive statements about players and managers from clubs they don’t follow, to readers who are much better informed.

Our aim is to write intelligently about the clubs and countries we follow in a way that is accessible to both fans and non-fans of that team. That means being ‘critical’ in the analytical sense of the word, so we’ll often draw a breath before publishing our thoughts here. You’ll still find us all glued to Twitter though.

The name “Critical Football” isn’t meant to imply that we think this website is important, but rather that football is important to us. Then again, how important should it be? When Bill Shankly said that football was more important than life and death, he did it with a smile on his face and his tongue in his cheek.

The articles here on Critical Football are split into different categories….

In the Between The Lines section you’ll find longer, more complex pieces that examine a football topic in some depth. Here are the three latest articles in that section:

Articles in the Media section look at an aspect of the British football media’s coverage of the sport. That may involve commenting on or analysing an article from a particular writer, or looking at a group of articles together. Here’s a list of the last three articles posted in the Media section:

In the One Touch Pass section, you’ll find shorter articles that take a quick look at a topic. These range from thoughts about a particular match, to thoughts on a particular player, manager or pundit. Here are some recent posts in the One Touch Pass section:

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