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Summer transfers from Liverpool (revisited)

Back in June we looked at some of the players who could be heading for summer departures from Liverpool. Now that the transfer window is closed, let’s look at who actually left.

David de Gea

What I’d like to see from Manchester United this season

So what will it be for Man United this year? The usual? Win the Premier League and make the final of the Champions League, or (more optimistically) “win the lot”?

Marouane Fellaini of Everton

What I’d like to see from Everton this season

Given the strong finish at the end of last season, why isn’t more being made of Everton’s prospects for the season ahead?


What I’d like to see from Liverpool this season

What will the new Premier League season bring for Liverpool? This time last year there were recriminations and divisions, but now there is almost universal optimism. Here’s what I’d like to see from Liverpool this season.

Upton Park, West Ham

Championship Season Preview 2011-12

Trying to predict what will happen in a Championship season before it starts can make you look pretty stupid, but let’s try it anyway.

Andy Carroll

What would be a good season for Andy Carroll?

Martin Samuel has declared that Andy Carroll “has to be a 20-goal striker in his first full season”. So how will Liverpool measure Carroll’s value to the team?

Olympic Stadium

Team GB, the BOA and the imaginary Olympic agreement

Why has the British Olympic Association’s announcement of an “historic agreement” over the formation of a GB Olympic football team for 2012 caused so many problems?


A Champions League playoff in the Premier League?

Back in March 2010, the twenty Premier League clubs voted against a proposal to bring in a playoff for the fourth Champions League place. So is there any way a playoff could be made to work? Well, maybe.


Summer departures from Liverpool

Who could be leaving Anfield this summer as Liverpool look for better value out of their squad?

Revealed: Arsenal's secret season objectives for the 2010-11 season

Alternative Season Review 2010-11 – Part 1

Bored with the usual end of season reviews that talk about ‘goal of the season’ or ‘favourite moment? Try our first annual Critical Football Alternative Season Review instead.