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Sam Allardyce defends Kevin Nolan

West Ham manager Sam Allardyce is continuing to raise the bar for managers making excuses for their players’ on-pitch behaviour.

British tabloids and the death of Mike Dye

It is no real surprise that the British tabloid press will resort to exaggeration and lying in order to sell more newspapers, but the sad death of Cardiff City fan Mike Dye at Wembley before the game between Wales and England is another reminder of just how low some news organisations are prepared to stoop.

Do Sky Sports still care about Spanish football?

Has a foreign football league ever generated as much interest in Britain as La Liga does at the moment? So why have Sky Sports decided to replace popular long-time host Mark Bolton with former player Scott Minto?

How has the paywall affected football coverage at The Times?

It’s just over a year since News International put The Times behind a paywall. What difference has it made to their football coverage and are there any lessons other media organisations can take from what they’ve done?

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Des Kelly insults the Welsh FA (and others)

Daily Mail columnist Des Kelly has written a scathing attack on the Welsh FA and anyone else he believes is cruelly denying young footballers the chance to play in the 2012 Olympic football tournament.

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Beating Barcelona: pre-match theories evaluated

Before last week’s Champions League final at Wembley you couldn’t move for articles about what Manchester United had to do to beat Barcelona. So did any British pundits come up with something that might have worked, or was there nothing anyone could have done to stop the Catalan juggernaut that night?

Barcelona - me's que un club

Dad, why does Barney Ronay hate Barcelona?

Dad, why does Barney Ronay hate Barcelona? He keeps writing articles about them in The Guardian, using words like “annoying” and “bloodless”.

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Lord Sugar lunges wildly at football

The programme was called “Lord Suger Tackles Football”, but as tackles go, this was more of a wild lunge by an ageing veteran who should have been experienced enough to know better.

Hayward on Kroenke and Foreign Owners

Guardian columnist Paul Hayward is still suspicious of the “influx of overseas speculators”.

Sir Alex Ferguson and the Preemptive Media Witch Hunt of Doom

Sir Alex Ferguson, that great ambassador of British football dreamed up a preemptive media witch hunt against Wayne Rooney minutes after the final whistle of Manchester United’s game against Wigan on Saturday.