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Before the season started fans were asked to vote on the colour of shorts the team would wear

Cardiff City’s embarrassing Premier League season

It wasn’t that surprising to see Cardiff City relegated after two seasons of witnessing things you didn’t think could happen at a football club.

Supporting Cardiff City and Liverpool just got complicated

Craig Bellamy won’t be the only person with a foot in both camps when Cardiff City and Liverpool meet in the Carling Cup Final at Wembley. There’ll be plenty of Liverpool fans (me included) who’ll be wearing blue but feeling as if they’ll share some of the disappointment and the joy whatever the result. So […]

Summer transfers from Liverpool (revisited)

Back in June we looked at some of the players who could be heading for summer departures from Liverpool. Now that the transfer window is closed, let’s look at who actually left.

David de Gea

What I’d like to see from Manchester United this season

So what will it be for Man United this year? The usual? Win the Premier League and make the final of the Champions League, or (more optimistically) “win the lot”?

Play Swansea City cliché Bingo!!

Are you tired of being told that Swansea City “pass the ball well” and “try to play football the right way”? Then you need the Critical Football Swansea City cliché Bingo Card.

Roberto Martinez

When Wigan raided Swansea City

Despite Brendan Rodgers suggesting that Roberto Martinez ought to receive a good reception when Wigan visit the Liberty Stadium, Martinez knows better than anyone why Swansea fans are still angry with him.

Marouane Fellaini of Everton

What I’d like to see from Everton this season

Given the strong finish at the end of last season, why isn’t more being made of Everton’s prospects for the season ahead?


What I’d like to see from Liverpool this season

What will the new Premier League season bring for Liverpool? This time last year there were recriminations and divisions, but now there is almost universal optimism. Here’s what I’d like to see from Liverpool this season.

Andy Carroll

What would be a good season for Andy Carroll?

Martin Samuel has declared that Andy Carroll “has to be a 20-goal striker in his first full season”. So how will Liverpool measure Carroll’s value to the team?


Why Swansea will finish above Norwich and QPR

Here are five reasons why Swansea City will finish higher in the Premier League next season than the other promoted teams Norwich City and QPR.