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British tabloids and the death of Mike Dye

It is no real surprise that the British tabloid press will resort to exaggeration and lying in order to sell more newspapers, but the sad death of Cardiff City fan Mike Dye at Wembley before the game between Wales and England is another reminder of just how low some news organisations are prepared to stoop.

Dear Wales… please give us a few crumbs of hope

It was a bad few weeks for Welsh football. First, they found themselves below the Faroe Islands in FIFA’s world rankings, then came the crushing news that EA Sports had left Wales out of their FIFA 12 video game.

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Des Kelly insults the Welsh FA (and others)

Daily Mail columnist Des Kelly has written a scathing attack on the Welsh FA and anyone else he believes is cruelly denying young footballers the chance to play in the 2012 Olympic football tournament.

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Team GB, the BOA and the imaginary Olympic agreement

Why has the British Olympic Association’s announcement of an “historic agreement” over the formation of a GB Olympic football team for 2012 caused so many problems?


Toshack’s Departure Wasn’t the Answer

Different manager. Same result. Same injury crisis. Same tendency to concede the softest of goals. Anyone who thought John Toshack’s dismissal would revive Wales’ qualification campaign got a cold, hard slap in the face as two defeats in five days under Brian Flynn and the same all-too-familiar failings left Wales as the favourites to finish […]